Sunday, 29 July 2018

Heat and the lawn

Summer 2018 is surely memorable for that it was rather hot and for a rather long time. It was glorious, and being a sun and heat lover, it was great to work outdoors each day feeling the heat and catching a ‘farmers tan’.

The dry and the heat however took its toll on lawns. Yellow carpets of tinder dry thatch seemed to be the look of the summer, with occasional small lawns looking  sickly shade of green where effort had been put into watering them. Personally I am not adversed to a yellow lawn, I like things around me to reflect the wider environment, when its wet and warm, things are green and when hot and dry, they die back, it suits the season. To be honest I’m not a fan of the immaculate lawn, the one at home that we have looked terrible because of the splendid weather, the wild grass lawns however somehow managed to look more lush, meadow like and interesting. These areas have now with rain recovered quickly, while the more tended lawn still looks patchy and will need some attention in coming months to be restored. This begs the question, is it worth it? A small patch of lush grass to sit on is nice, however to my eye never looks that interesting, though I am sure that in our garden there will always be a square of grass cut and tended to house a deck chair or two for reclining in and having  drink on a sunny afternoon.