Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Compost bins

Having finished work on time, and it being a particularly nice evening, I popped to the plot with a saw, hammer and nails. Within an hour I constructed two compost bins.

Another evening, I hope to treat the wood with preservative which hopefully will allow them to survive a couple of extra years, then line them ready for use.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Allotment fun

I love to work on my allotment, it brings a sense of joy unlike anywhere else in the world.

Todays jobs:

Strim grass paths
Edge beds
Prune raspberries
Dig out and spread compost
Dismantle old compost bins

Of course this resulted in a better looking plot, though a pile of junk now needs sorting.


Im really excited that dad has just given me another Aeonium, a deep red/burgundy one that may be Aeonium arboreum ‘Zwortkop’, though as it originated from a cutting he was given with no clear identification this may be incorrect.

Aeoniums are a plant that both dad and I have enjoyed cultivating over the years,though it has to be said, dad has had greater success, owning a conservatory may have played a part in this, though in my part destruction of my many examples by a cat had something to do with my successes being interrupted somewhat.

I remember visiting Kew, and noting that some of the cultivars they had growing in a glass house were also grown by dad, his looked bigger,stronger and slightly more grand! Encouragement enough that as amateur gardeners and plant enthusiasts, results that are on a par with professionals are achievable.

For me the fact that Aeoniums are relatively easy to propagate from stem cuttings is particularly attractive.I enjoy plants for free, but also like the prospect of producing spare examples in case one of a collection suffers and gives up living. Cuttings also make great gifts for friends, and Aoniums are still a plant that can be grown on a windowsill that many people I know are not familiar, so resultantly I rate them with a little more interest than the humble spider plant (I do love spider plants all the same).

Garden update

A busy bank holiday weekend in the garden on Friday and Sunday. In the main jobs were about preparation, beds, greenhouse and breaking concrete near the house to make room for new planting.

Things are starting to green up, so after the focus on seed planting over the next few weeks, a shift will be needed into the management of weeds!