Saturday, 5 January 2019

Annual compost heap dig out!

Because I do everything to the letter when it comes to gardening, I get 100% results all the time.

That is a lie!

I do stuff when I get time and when I get the inclination, it works for me, and sometimes works for the garden too. It is far from perfect but it is real.

Today I decided to dig out the compost from the compost heap. Three jobs needed doing, moving the compost heap, mulching the beds around the patio and using up the compost that has sat idle for about a year.

Compost was dug out, barrowed to the flower beds and spread as a mulch. Then when everything was removed, the bins were moved about 4 ft into space created by cutting down ivy and brambles. A little compost was added to the bases of both bins to start them off, and the job was done. for now the bins are filled with stuff and things, the next job is to make space in sheds to store it all, so that the compost bins can be filled come spring.

Friday, 4 January 2019

Late winter?

Winter seems to be very late in coming this year, so far there have been a hand full of light frosts, with Xmas day being the only notably frosty morning so far. The last couple of days have been cooler, this morning my hand were a tad cold as I tied in climbing roses. Though yesterday I was working outdoors without a coat, and between Christmas and New Year I spent a morning in the garden at home wearing t-shirt and jeans. This warm start to winter, is it a sign of a long cold period over the horizon? Time will tell I guess.

The photo below is one of  a series I took on Christmas day morning, a sharp frost gave the day a traditional seasonal feel, it was almost as good as a white Christmas!

Suffolk Landscapes

I enjoy living and working immersed in Mid Suffolk, Since my teens I have been taking photos of the landscape, this year I suspect will be no different, though rather than taking photos just on my phone camera, I am hoping to get out more with my DSLR and take better photos that I select and edit. Hopefully I will post a few of them online on Twitter. Meantime heres one from the other morning, looking towards Crownland, as I pulled over to snap the trees in the morning mist.

Looking down

This week was the first week back to work this year. First job was fixing a roof that had water dripping through it, so while I was hanging from a ladder I thought I would take a quick pic of the rear of the garden. As you can see veg beds need some serious work, but I wont be doing anything there for another month or so. I have however already sorted my planting plans for them.

Saturday, 29 December 2018

Veg Patch

With having neglected the veg patch a little this last year, this morning was spent clipping the perimeter hedges of the veg patch and then removing weeds from the beds and giving them a fork over.

This year I left the foxglove plants that had self seeded as the bed was in shade from a willow tree. the plan being that they could flower next year. The willow tree was pollarded last week, so it shouldn't be so shady next year, however the foxgloves will remain as they should look pretty

Two of the 4 beds will be used for veg growing, not a huge patch to use, however there is an allotment up the road to fill!

Friday, 28 December 2018

hedge removal

A short project in the garden to work off xmas dinner,  removing a section of hedge.....

We decided to remove a section of hedge that I planted some time ago. With it being in close proximity to the house, now grown to the intended height, it was decided that while it does a great job of screening a section of garden in the summer, it also separates the house from the garden and blocks the view of the house from the garden. With hedge removed, we will look at planting something different in its space to define a garden section, but to allow the house to still be seen.

Sunday, 23 December 2018

Christmas Decoration

So one of the big Christmas traditions is making a wreath, or buying one from the side of the road. Ive never bought one from the side of the road, but have attempted to make them before now, with limited success.

This year is no different. With foliage and other seasonal plant material snipped, I set about spending a merry ten minutes or so in the dark assembling things by the front door, to give a warm festive feel to the entrance of the house.

With a wreath assembled and pinned to the door, Mahonia was added to the porch, and mistletoe hung above the door. left over material was stabbed into pots that are currently empty of summer planting, these as an after thought look marginally better than my effort.

With it being dark, a light was switched on to illuminate my work, a photo taken for Instagram purposes and with plenty of filtering the image looked pretty ok.

The next morning things did not look quite so glowing, and a week later some of the Hydrangea heads were wilted, not that I care, it still looks like the rest of the garden, a little grubby at this time of the year and has an authenticity and realness that i quite like, nothing in my world is ever striving for the perfect life, the one thats kinda unachievable!